Hello, I am Julien Pelletier
and I am a designer.

For years, I have been unable to answer a simple question like "what is your favorite colour?". I'm convinced that a lot of answers depend on the context and assume that flashy pink is perfect for a smartphone case or kitchen ustensils but won't match well for your badass-fire-breathing-dragon-tattoo.

By understanding these contexts, we have the opportunity to build things that make an impact. Products that can change the way people communicate, share, travel, eat or listen to music. Wherever they live, whoever they are.


photo by my friend Roman Jehanno

I'm the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Cookening. Previously, I used to work as a lead product designer in a Top 50 accounting company in France. I live in Paris.

I tweet, share and pin about design, music and basketball